• Cher Musically Collabs with boyfriend, Alexander Edwards

    Cher Musically Collabs with boyfriend, Alexander Edwards

    Cher tells E News her upcoming plans for new music, which she will be teaming up with her lover Alexander “A.E.” Edwards. The 37-year-old producer/ writer is a music executive who works at Universal Music Group, one of three major record labels in the industry. The icon confirmed her reasons for her upcoming England trip.…


  • What is an A&R ?

    What is an A&R ?

    “A&R” stands for artist and repertoire. Repertoire stands for A stock of plays, dances, or piecesthat a company or performer Knows and is prepared to perform. The A&R is responsible forfinding talent for a record label doing advertisements and promotions and overseeing the artistrecording process. These critical members behind the artist will connect artists with…


  • SiriusXM Decreases Workforce By 8%

    SiriusXM Decreases Workforce By 8%

    Four hundred seventy-five roles were impacted as US satellite radio service SiriusXM cut down on employees. In December, the company introduced the idea of potential job cuts. Towards the end of 2022, SiriusXM held over five-thousand employees.  In a memo shared with SiriusXM employees, CEO Jennifer Witz announced that the job cuts would impact almost…